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Here is a just a selection from hundreds of happy Stepright customers
and what they have to say about our great products and service . . .

Customer Video Testimonials

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Customer Testimonials

Peter & Christine Kershaw

Peter and Christine Kershaw visited us at the Ideal Home Exhibition Show.
Peter is delighted with his purchase and the benefits Stepright orthotic insoles have
given him.



Catching up with an existing customer, Vanda.‘Thank you Stepright for such a great product, I would highly recommend you, once again many thanks

Dr Ron

Dr Ron a biomechanical specialist was very impressed with the knowledge, product and support that Stepright Orthotics offered.


Stepright Customer

‘Purchased my orthotic insoles at the Ideal Home Exhibition, after a consultation and impression of my feet, they were delivered to me a week later and they really have made a difference.’


Bal Rana

‘Wayne and Bal Rana, a runner saying thank you for his pain free foot and knee problem . . . and ordering his second pair of orthotics in August 2017.’


Sandra Endersby

‘Sandra Endersby thanking me for 3 years of her now painless Plantar Fascitis problem.’


David Barton

‘Happy Stepright customer
David BartonThanking me for the last year
of a painless life’


Dolly Lamore

‘Stepright at the 2017 Game Show being thanked for how fantastic they have worked for her by Dolly Lamore.’


Julia Pink

‘At the Suffolk Show 2017 with
Julia Pink.Customer from 2014 she has purchased3 pairs to date . . .  loving my insoles!’


Mark Powell

‘Mark Powell at the Game Fair 2017.Came to thank us for helping him with Plantar Fascitis and knee problem.’


Dr Alex Smith and Morag Smith

‘RHS Tatton Flower Show 2016 with
Dr Alexander ‘Sandy Smith and Morag Smith thanking us for his remarkable insoles.’


Retired Farmer - David

‘RHS Tatton Park 2017 retired farmer David passing by to say thanks for helping him with his Plantar Fascitis problem.’


James Verney

‘James Verney a satisfied customer who pops in every year to see us and say hello and thanks for providing a great product and help.’


‘Meeting the family members Lisa and Alison pictured right both of them, purchasing their first pair of Stepright orthotic insoles.’


Stepright Orthotics the name
you can trust . . .


Stepright Orthotics have been trading successfully for more than 20 years.
Providing help and support to our clients with foot and related health issues.
We are proud to have improved many health issues regarding foot and ankle problems for so many oeople,
Take the right step and see our
Stepright Orthotics can be of help to you.

How we can help


You can visit us in person at many of the trade shows and events we attend acropss the country. Or we can organise and advise consultations via post.


We're here to help you

Stepright Orthotics is here to help you.
We can offer you help and advice on your problem and recommend a solution that is tailored to yout.

Remember - we are only a call away to improving your lifestyle.

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